born in beja, portugal, in the year of 1979, nuno maltez went to high school while dreaming of becoming a great rock star, under the influence of his then idols guns n'roses, megadeth, iron maiden, ramones, clash, nirvana and the beloved portuguese kings of rock, xutos & pontapés.
he then went into a drift into time, space and lost of the until dreamt innocence - paradise lost - and began listening to the en vogue currents of the late 90's, such as techno and house music, but mainly trance, which had its bad sequels, but also started to open his mind into the indepth of reality, which he started studying when he went into college to take his degree on philosophy, in lisbon's university. there he studied by the book philosophy - which is based on argumentation, having logic as its main instrument - but also opened his mind and then his heart into religion and the so called oriental philosophies, having become truly interested on hinduism and, later on, on buddhism. later came the bible, under many obsessions. in the meanwhile, he was listening to great jazz players records, such as the miles davis or the stan getz ones, dave brubeck's more than impressive version of "loverman" (on montreal?) and tom jobim, but was also getting in touch with the beethoveen's piano sonatas, debussy's impressions on the sea, strauss's zarathustra or his own alpes. along came the pleasure for photography - urban but also bucolic landscapes, the now - and later yet he discovered he could paint abstract paintings, despite not having the gifts of turner, rousseau, caspar friedrich, hopper, amongst others, abstractionists or not. along with his existence within society, from within to without, this are the major influences that contribute to his music sounding like it does. he would like it to transmit you a sense of wonder, fear, beauty, peace or sublimity... he would.
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